Ep 146 – Artemis – Ep 5 – Bleriana’d

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We finished Artemis! And we ranked Artemis as compares to all the other books covered in this podcast: you won’t believe what happens next!!

And we’re just going to get ahead of it: Chekov’s re-usable condom does not pay off.

There’s some mail from listeners as well, and one of them brings us up to date on Mike’s Real or Fanfic stats. I don’t think anyone is going to be impressed.

Episode 145 – Artemis Ep 4 – Dale and Bob and Loretta and Welding

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The penultimate Artemis episode! Mike’s final attempt at Real or Fanfic has to compete with those red-hot references to Emily Post! Listener’s weigh in and there are Dumb Sentences of the Week.

ASSIGNMENT: Finish the damn book!

Episode 144 – Artemis Ep 3 – Rudy Explained, Kinda!

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In this episode:

-Spontaneous jackals bearing conspiracy theories

-Conor’s appearance on Jeopardy? Premonition?

-Insanely difficult Real or Fanfic

-Dumb Sentences of the Flexible Time Period

-And much more, including this general question for readers / listeners: are we supposed to like Jazz?!

READING ASSIGNMENT: Through chapter 14

[NOTE: Probably goes without saying, but our protagonist swears a good deal in this and we do quote her, fyi]

Episode 143 – Artemis Ep 2 – Sean Meets the Morals Brigade

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There is nothing that could prepare you for the, ahem, choices Mr. Weir makes in these chapters so may as well dig in. 

Though we will say Mike slightly improves his fortunes in Real or Fanfic.

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ASSIGNMENT: Read through chapter 10

Episode 142 – Artemis Ep 1 – Mounties on the Moon

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What if Garrett P. Serviss dictated a story to Ernest Cline? We think it would go a little something… like this. Plus a Dark Web appearance by a 372 favorite author and an extremely challenging Real or Fanfic!

NEXT ASSIGNMENT: Read through chapter 6.

Episode 141 – Book 24: Artemis

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Alright, NOW it’s time for Book 24! This one did very well in our Patreon poll a few years ago, so we’re excited to finally tackle it. But first, Mike listens patiently while Conor rants about Goombas or something.

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Assignment: Read thru Chapter 3 

Episode 139 – Edison’s Conquest Ep 4 – Suddenly!

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WOW! Really no words to describe the insane events in the final chapters of Edison’s Conquest of Mars, but we can attempt to sum it up with one syllable; Tom.

No Real or Fanfic here but as a bonus you’ll get Conor’s reimagining of this stone classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXmShIyjJvg

Episode 138 – Edison’s Conquest Ep 3 – Zest and Interest!

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Martians, space battles, disintegrators, heat rays, murdered crows — the only thing missing from this story? Colonel Alonzo Jefferson Smith! Sylphan harp players! Compressed food, stolen and eaten with great care!

Also, Mike does pretty well at Real or FanFic, heh heh…

READING ASSIGNMENT finish the book!

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Or download the free ebook here

Episode #137 – Edison’s Conquest Ep 2 – Australian Mine Owners!

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Come for the Thrilling Story of an Encounter that Nearly Ended the Great Expedition. Stay for Mike’s Thrilling Performance in Real or Fanfic.

If you love the character of Tom. If you can’t get enough of Sylvanus P. Thompson. If Lord Kelvin makes you giggle with delight, you will love this episode.

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Assignment: For next time read up to “A Tedious Language Lesson” in Chapter 13

Episode #136 – Edison’s Conquest Ep 1 – Serviss is Selling

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Our first reading of Garrett P. Serviss’ Edison’s Conquest of Mars is a real cracker jack, a tip-top lally-cooler! 

Truly, an enjoyable book if for nothing more than the action movie quipping of Professor Sylvanus P. Thompson.

All the departments are here, as well as a description of Mike’s brother-in-law’s actual Edison cylinder mechanism! (Possible Patreon extra demonstration of it to come.)

Buy the book here or read for free online.

Reading assignment: Read up until “The Prisoner Teaches” in chapter 9