Ep 153 – The Adventures of the Teen Archeologists Ep 2 – The Tri-Moepek Cup

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Like jumping into a waterfall and landing in a Nile River of madness, The Adventures of the Teen Archaeologists (Book 1) The Land of the Moepeks by Larry and Denise Ellis does not disappoint. The character names come at you fast and furious, there’s a disproportionate amount of yelling, a ton of sarcasm, some non-caring remarks, and best of all, flying dinosaurs from Flying Dinosaur Island which is right next door to the Land of the Moepeks.

A lot of great Fanfic, Dumb Sentences and Listener Mail to boot.

Assignment: Read thru Chapter 11


-John’s signed and annotated copy of How To Revive The Middle Class (Get your own here (affiliate link)

-Jan’s exhaustive character spreadsheet 

The much discussed potential tattoo

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