Episode 14 – A General Uses the Term “Snackage”

The Europan death armada is just  hours away, and mankind’s last defense force is behaving about how you’d expect: grinning, crushing hard, and making references to classic 80s horror anthologies.

With only 100 pages left in the book, Mike and Conor are convinced that events that advance the plot forward may soon begin to actually occur. In the meantime, we’ll discuss the gamers’ favorite snack foods. There’s also a interesting historical footnote we uncovered revealing the pivotal role D&D played in WW2 and an exceedingly tricky Real or Fancic?

Your assignment for next week: Read up until PHASE THREE, page 293 in our edition.

Please join us on April 11th, for our first ever LIVE podcast, at Sisyphus Brewing in Minneapolis! We’ll be discussing the Ready Player One movie. Online ticketing available soon!

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  1. The fact that the weed smoking paragraph is real has made me hate both this book and Ernest Cline’s little brain more than anything else in this book has and I don’t even know why.

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