Episode 24 – ¡El Pelo Hinchable!

To the inattentive and brainless layman* it might appear that not much happened during this stretch of TekWar. Mostly Jake aka Jonatha and Juanito aka The Android(???) just sat and talked to people about other people we haven’t met yet. Somehow, we discussed this for nearly two hours.

Folks stepped up their fanfic this time around, probably due to the new conditioner they’re using that leaves their hair bouncing around at all times for some reason. We also sort out how Jake could be puzzled (twice!) by the term kamikaze, guess characters exact ages and weights, and give credit where credit is due to a scene that actually made us laugh.

We’ll take a little extra time off for Thanksgiving, but we hope to have something extra up for Patreon supporters! To those of you celebrating, have a great turkey day! If you feel like joining our Giving Tuesday campaign for 826 National, it’s available here. Thanks to everyone who has chipped in so far!

For next time, read thru Chapter 15.

*I grinned as I found myself recognizing the turn of phrase from the classic 80s-90s comic strip Calvin and Hobbes

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  1. As “slender” seems to be used as a pejorative descriptor of women in this book, Mike wonders, “Are slender people unattractive in the future?”

    Yes. Even generally commenting on the morbidity of obesity is considered “fat shaming” while healthy people are shamed for not finding sickly obese people attractive. Fictitious women are no longer allowed to be depicted in ways which MOST people would find attractive, as in books and video games they must be “rubenesque” or androgynous looking, lest somebody unattractive gets offended.

    Welcome to 2020. Shatner/Goulart overshot this zeitgeist by 100 years.

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