Episode 29 – What The Hell Was That?

Well, the pace sure as hell was unrelenting, folks. We’ve reached the end of TekWar, and there both is and isn’t a lot to talk about. Chest-high walls, disdainful robot pimps, the brief and wondrous life of Sonny Hokori are all just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to all who hitched their wagons to the Shatlart skytrain for this plasride!

As announced in the episode, we’ll be taking a look at the TekWar TV movie soon as a Patreon exclusive, so stay tuned for that. Conor also has his eye on the next title, so we will get started on that soon as well!

3 Replies to “Episode 29 – What The Hell Was That?”

  1. I’m late to the party but I had 2 thoughts:
    1)It seems futurama’s bad scifi tropes were planted in the bed of tekwar.
    2) It’s so amazing that tek war is banned in the simpson’s school library and they even talk about how the children will have to learn about ‘tek war’ eventually. Just sheer genius.

    This was such a good series of podcasts, I really enjoy bad scifi when it isn’t tainted with the incel/silicon valley tech lord (get it?) slime that seeps into everything in ready player. It’s nice to be able to laugh without feeling gross sometimes!

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