Episode 41 – Handsome Buttocks

Who’s ready to get British and horny?? This is our first episode devoted to The Mister by EL James, and it’s obviously unlike anything we’ve read on here before. ¬†We’ll examine the author’s clever methods for padding out the book length, as well as some very surprising similarities to the works of Ernest Cline. We’ll also examine how a cartoon wolf might respond to the sight of someone polishing a piano in an alluring nylon housecoat. We’ll also check out the dark web and establish some powerful new Albanian stereotypes. Join us!!!

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All this plus some truly Dumb Sentences of the week and a surprisingly tricky Fanfic or Real? segment

For next time, read thru chapter 9, page 156

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  1. No Cinderella was ever a truly brilliant musician, fine chess player and bilingual before E.L. James created Alessia. No Romeo was ever bonking a new girl every single night before she created Maxim. And Max is astonished to find himself falling for his cleaner, he regards that as absurd and ridiculous as the very jelous reviewer of “The Mistress”. Has nobody noticed that this novel has more dramatic adventure-incidents than even the most emphatic “Adventure Novel” or “Thriller.” It leaves that sort of novel for dead, it tumbles from one adventure-incident to another at a breathless pace for the first page to the last.

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