Episode 54 – Book 9

We’re on our ninth book! We now have enough bad books to field a baseball team or form our own personal Wu-Tang Clan of crappy literature. No reason to delay any further, hit play to find out what we’re reading next, and then come see us at our September 18th live show in Minneapolis!

Oh, by the way, Patreon supporters have been reading this book all weekend! Join them for just $5 a month and get every episode early! You’ll also get access to Mike’s conversation with Bridget about her fond and not-so-fond 372 memories, Conor’s conversation with Lauren about a book they hated together, and much more! patreon.com/372pages

For the first episode read Chapters 1-8.

Here’s a link to the amazon version we are using. And a link to a free ebook download.

(The giveaway mentioned in this episode is already concluded.)

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  1. As an (still amateur) poet with a background in Classical Latin poetry translation & commentary at Uni etc, I can’t puzzle out how Cline’s most famous competitive poems have won him slams & publication, if the embarassingly-titled “Nerd Porn Auteur” is any indication of his writing. This reads like simple (perhaps it’d be fair to say, somewhat anodyne) prose, with carriage-returns added to create “lines” & hence an appearance of “poetry.” Am I missing something? (I only mean this QUASI-ironically.) Has he won multiple slams because his *delivery* is excellent, perhaps? I’d actually love to know.

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