Episode 6 – Rush for a Change of Atmosphere

Join us in our detailed recreation of the living room from Family Ties for Episode 6! The gunt is in it’s homestretch, so what better time to pause your novel for a detailed description of the plot of Blade Runner. We’ll also play Black Tiger, but not the version you’re familiar with! (Get this: it’s slightly different.)

We’ll also test Mike’s ability to spot fake Rush lyrics, and listen to another EXCLUSIVE excerpt of a leaked scene from the Ready Player One movie!

This episode covers chapters 25 thru 29 of Ready Player One. For next week, read thru Chapter 33, page 326 in our edition.

This is a book club, so get in touch!  We’re on twitter and facebook, our personal twitters are @clastowka and @michaeljnelson or send us an email 372pages@gmail.com

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