Episode 10 – What Have We Done?

In this first fifty pages of Armada, our hero sees a flying saucer, reads a giant list of movie release dates, and then goes to work. Somehow we talked about this sequence of events for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

We also get caught up on what Conor and Mike read in between Cline novels,  read about someone watching someone else play a video game, and learn the origin of this mysterious sword “Excalibur” that our  hero mentions.

Next week read up to the start of Phase Two,  that’s page 97 in our edition. Resist the urge to throw the book and keep the Dumb Sentences, Boring Sentences, and Fanfic coming!

6 Replies to “Episode 10 – What Have We Done?”

  1. I cannot wait to hear you tear into this. I’ve never wanted to give a fictional character a wedgie so bad in my life.

  2. There was a laserdisc game, “Super Don Quixote,” which I played a few times in arcades, but I don’t know if that’s what he was referencing.

  3. I had a work friend who loved the movie “Iron Eagle” and lent it to me, so I tried to watch it, and… you should feel guilty if you get any pleasure from that movie.

  4. Okay, to be fair to Ernest, if you look at a TIE-Fighter from the front, it does look like a capital H. It doesn’t seem like it saves this book from being bad though.

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