Episode 9 – Season 2: Armada

We’re back with a new season!  Join us as we read Ernest Cline’s followup to RP1, Armada. We’re extremely excited to read what is widely regarded as Cline’s bad novel.

We’ll talk about our expectations, see if we can guess whether a critic was reviewing RP1 or Armada, and play a quick round of Real or Fanfic.

If you choose to read along, your first assignment is to read up to Chapter 4, that’s page 47 in our edition. Thanks for listening!

8 Replies to “Episode 9 – Season 2: Armada”

  1. Going to try to read it. Maybe I will love to hate it , like the Updike Rabbit ser…..who am I kidding, this book is going to make me angry.

  2. I know you think it’s insane to listen to your podcast without having read the book, but you guys are hilarious! I enjoy your “tearing it apart” (if I may) without knowing the actual book; it actually makes my life a little saner, as reading “Ready Player One” would have enraged me to no end. “Twilight” makes me ragey enough, and I didn’t even read that nonsense.

  3. My son just threw up on me. How much time do I have to read the first assignment, or can I claim the toddler vomit as credit?

  4. I already said this on Twitter, but I am not going to read this one as I listen, unless I get too confused. I read along with Ready Player One, but my wife got sick of hearing me complain about the book, so this time I’m avoiding that. (Also I made quite a few friends upset by my not liking RP1, and I don’t need that kind of drama.)

    But I’m definitely listening!

  5. Ernest, I had one expectation for you. I expect you to get absolutely all of your references to nerd culture correct. I haven’t watched Star Wars A New Hope in roughly a decade and even I can remember that the A Wings didn’t fight in The Battle of Yavin. It didn’t debut until Return of the Jedi.

    God I’m a nerd!

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