Episode 18 – A Crummy Commercial

We are back! Don’t worry, there is no new Ernest Cline book. But we’ve decided to launch back up to try to tackle some books which may be just as bad or even worse!

DO NOT GET TOO EXCITED! There’s no real content in this episode. It is just A Crummy Commercial for our new¬†Patreon. We ran afoul of the International Podcast Council for A) not having a Patreon and B) not reading commercials for MeUndies. We’re risking a lot by still refusing to do B, but if you’d like to support our Patreon, we’d really appreciate it! For just a few bucks a month you can get early access to episodes, like the episode that reveals OUR NEXT BOOK TITLE which is currently available for patrons RIGHT NOW!

All episodes will still be available for free on this same feed, just a few days after the patreon subscribers get them. So check back here in a few days!

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