Episode 37 – I Laugh a lot When I Write

Our favorite unreliable narrator who is also a toilet salesman/mallet assassin is back to bring his book into the homestretch! We’ve got brand new onomatopoeias, lipstick smeared on teeth, and of course, boatloads of alliteration. There’s also a literal boat, which our hero uses to abandon Hurricane Katrina relief effort volunteers to their death. (this is the “stuff” that he evidently “just do.”) There’s also got some fanfic which, though it may not be our most difficult batch yet, gives us a whole lot to look forward to in the book’s final chapters.

Best of all, author Sean Penn has popped up recently on the late night talk show circuit to promote Bob Honey’s paperback release. We’ll examine his recent appearance, where he claims to “laugh a lot while I am writing” and we’ll also look back at some of his previous talk show appearances, where he apparently has a go to defense of his writing that he trots out.

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We are thankfully finishing the damn book for next time!

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  1. About the ending of the episode – just like some bad movies end with ‘it was all just a dream’ this one might go with ‘it was all just a lunatic rambling into a wall’.

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