Episode 38 – 160 Pages We’ll Never Get Back

Thank god this book was not 372 pages long. Neither of us could have handled that.  Bob Honey was fortunately only 160, and even so, managed to have three different characters crap their pants, two of them in this final section. It’s a fitting metaphor for something, but we’ll be damned if we’re going to puzzle it out, we’re too busy enjoying our heated pool.

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There is a lot to discuss as we wrap up this entry: the appropriate theme music for one of Bob’s killing sprees, the practicality of the business model of dosing unsuspecting kids with acid, and what Penn might have left out of his wrap up poem.

This was quite a ride, and we’re thankful for everyone who took it with us! Hopefully our next target will prove a bit more whimsical and a bit less alliterative!

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