Washington, E.T.

We teamed up with over 180 Jackals (that’s what we call our beloved Patreon supporters) to write our own book! Everyone received a page number, and then Mike, Conor, and Kevin Murphy wrote a few pages at the beginning, middle, and end of a novel that did not exist yet, but had this premise: The president is an alien. The jackals did the rest, and this is the result: Washington, E.T.!

You can download the ebook right here, this zip file contains the a mobi, epub, and pdf file what will work on your computer or ereader: just drag the file over to your kindle, nook, or whatever!

Special thanks to Matt Nelson, who created the cover, to Miss Marie, who separated the book into chapters and sections that were actually readable and formatted these ebooks, and to Janelle, who organized the discord and and acted as Jackal spokesperson. We are very grateful for their help!