Ep 166 – Bridge to Bat City – Ep 2 – Suddenly

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Witness the exact moment that Cline fully becomes Cline! Also, lots of mean-spirited men in hard hats, as well as tons of references to classic 80s songs from the 60s and 70s. The Dark Web is pressed into service, and Mike just might up his batting average at Real or Fanfic.


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Ep 165 – Bridge to Bat City – Ep 1 – Yucking the Yums

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Ernest Cline, the founder of our feast here at 372 Pages, is back with another book, Bridge to Bat City. A day after its release, Conor and Mike review the first few chapters, take on some Dumb Sentences, Mike fails at Real or Fanfic and Conor reads some mail.

In other words, despite barely dipping a toe in, it’s a jam packed episode.

Get the big ole beautiful book here: https://amzn.to/3TRVmoL (affiliate link)

Assignment: Read thru Chapter 10


Cline at Wootstock

The RiffTrax guys at Wootstock

Megamania footage

Alejandro’s 372 character compendium

Ep 164 – Kaileb’s Dream – Ep 5 – Monchi

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We end it. The book, that is. Not the world itself. That’s up to the Demon Witches and Monchi. And the humans. And the mages. And Theo. And Jennifer. And Jasmine. And the girls. And the undead Egyptians. And the Nryphons. And the eagles. And the people of Telmar. And the Lords (you know, the ones we hold “the festival” for, even during the very darkest times of war?”) And the ever-present pork – look, we’re all happy this is over.

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Picture of the Columbus, OH White Horse Sallon (discovered by Marc)

Various decorative pillow pictures taken by Conor over the years

EDIT: Robert Byrd’s “War!” can be found at the 4:27 mark of this video

Ep 163 – Kaileb’s Dream – Ep 4 – Justly

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Look, yes, it’s longer than a normal episode. But to answer your question we’re less picky about the typos than we have been for the last three episodes!!

There is in the middle of this reading one of the most insane things that has ever happened in any book. Any book we’ve yet read. Truly.

And for what it’s worth Conor tackles Real or Fanfic this time and whether or not he does better than Mike is neither here nor there, why are you asking? Plus, a new Dumb Sentence song by HAYDEN!

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Assignment: Finish the damn book!

Ep 162 – Kaileb’s Dream – Ep 3 – Miel

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Hey, hey! Under three hours, a truly compact episode. But the creatures mentioned continue to get stranger and more macabre: Demons, Gryphons, Nryphons, the Balls (Fire and Sylvia), Clam Woman, Man Mom and Almost Dad.

Plus, listeners continue to absolutely pummel Mike at Real or FanFic. I mean, like a mace-to-his-face pummel, blood everywhere, skull shattered. Happily Zoser was there to make things right.

Also, many, many, many Dumb Sentences featuring a new theme!

ASSIGNMENT: Read thru the chapter “In the third world”

Ep 161 – Kaileb’s Dream – Ep 2 – De Nada

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Look, we can explain – there’s just so much to cover! Every single sentence, every exchange, every plot advancement brings whole new galaxies of madness.

Included in the mighty length of this episode are some Dumb Sentences (along with a new theme!) and see if Mike can improve upon his dismal Real or FanFic score.

Many thanks to listener Jonathan for his Dumb Sentence theme (we will probably debut others as well in the coming weeks.) Thanks, Jonathan!

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READING ASSIGNMENT: Read Chap 5 Messenger of the King

Ep #160 – Kaileb’s Dream – Ep 1: A Beef Stew Amuse Bouche

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Thus, an epic episode. The, longest, maybe, ever? (just making sure your reading the book…….)

True and utter madness, like nothing we’ve ever read before on 372 Pages. Seriously. It is not hyperbole; this is deranged, and you must read along, if only to prove we’re not going slowly insane.

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Assignment: Read the next two chapters.

Ep 159 – New Year, New Book! (Book 28: Kaileb’s Dream)

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Spoiler: frosting is discussed at some length. As are dreams, and if there’s anything more exciting than hearing about someone else’s dream, I’D LIKE TO KNOW WHAT IT IS!!

If you don’t want to listen to the nonsense, you can find the new book here (affiliate link)

Assignment: read up to the chapter titled “The Realm of Eris”

Ep 158- A Christmas Killer Affair – Ep 2

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We end the year with absolutely blockbuster news. Seriously, a twist so shocking that no cozy writer could ever conceive of it. We won’t spoil it, but we tackle the revelation at the very beginning so be prepared to be stunned.

That aside, this reading is full of hot shoulders, chilled breasts and lots of folksy Uncle Kidd wisdom. Not to mention the solution to the central mystery!

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T. Lockhaven’s “Resource” page for “writing” your own: https://christmascozymystery.com/resources

Ep 157- A Killer Christmas Affair – Ep 1

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Time to check in with Murphy, Carmen, Ophelia, Uncle Kidd, Marisol, Granddaddy, Aunt Lucy, Aunt Lindy, Darbie Grimes, Darbie Grimes’ mother, three dead husbands killed in an unknown accident, Simon, Lawrence Galloway, Miquel, Douglas, Judge Ed Simpson, Paul Turner, Phyllis Newton, Bailey Fox, Jerry, Mandy, Charles Deever, Dan Stevens, Mrs. Dan Stevens, Dr. Garrett, Melva Brooks, Lorine Reynolds, Pastor Mark Reed, Janet Crosby, Sherriff Ken Grayson, and Walter Green of Sunflower, Texas.

Santa dies, the blood pools around his head, his hair and presumably some flesh are stuck on the bedpost of our narrator and the handsome sheriff is covering up the fact that obviously foul play is involved. In other words, cozy!

READING ASSIGNMENT: Finish the book.

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