Episode 16 – And Then All That Happened, The End

When we last left Zack Lightman, he was submerged beneath the Antarctic Ocean, trying to retrieve his father and save the world. But then it was getting close to happy hour, so Ernest Cline decided to just wrap things up and hit publish on one of the most unsatisfying, unbelievably rushed endings we’ve ever seen. We’re talking about an ending where cancer is cured IN ONE SENTENCE, and then the fact that MOST OTHER DISEASES were also cured is tacked on as a parenthetical to that sentence.

Conor & Mike are here to talk you through it though, with ruminations on MLB.tv’s playoff feeds, contorted faces, and a leaked scene featuring their new favorite character, The Emissary. Thanks for reading along with us, it’s been a lot of fun!

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Episode 15 – Some Light, Pre-Apocalypse Boning

As humanity’s potential end draws near, our heroes still have not been allowed to say goodbye to their loved ones back on Earth. So they all do what any normal person would do in that situation: bang the hell of out someone they just met a few hours ago.

Mike and Conor’s faces contort as they try to make sense of this lovefest. They’ll also hurt a mixture of insults and encouragement at each other as they try to determine the pop culture source of every Shakespeare quote Whoadie spouts, and feel goofy grins spread across their faces as they stump each other with a VERY difficult final installment of Real or Fanfic

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This week’s fanfic written by: Paul DeCoursey-Clark, Daniel Conrad, Alex in Chicago, Jordan Roher, Janelle Scinta, Nick Donald, & Alex Fauth.

Episode 14 – A General Uses the Term “Snackage”

The Europan death armada is just  hours away, and mankind’s last defense force is behaving about how you’d expect: grinning, crushing hard, and making references to classic 80s horror anthologies.

With only 100 pages left in the book, Mike and Conor are convinced that events that advance the plot forward may soon begin to actually occur. In the meantime, we’ll discuss the gamers’ favorite snack foods. There’s also a interesting historical footnote we uncovered revealing the pivotal role D&D played in WW2 and an exceedingly tricky Real or Fancic?

Your assignment for next week: Read up until PHASE THREE, page 293 in our edition.

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Episode 13 – Or as it Came to be Known, Episode 13

The calendars may say that it’s March, but to us it’s Clinetober! Here at 372 Pages we’re power-leaping into the month like a terrible Godzilla simile from the classic Toho kaiju flick Godzilla. This week’s reading may have broken the all-time record for most notes scrawled in the margins of our copies of Armada.

Conor & Mike are here to examine all of the rich, complex new characters we meet: religious housewife, stoned dude, streetwise teen, and Asian stereotype.  They’ll also examine the classic Angry Chief trope as well as the curious priorities Armada’s characters seem to have when faced with imminent war and annihilation. Plus, an exclusive look at the controversial new process of “Clineifying” classic audiobooks!

All this plus a very tricky Real or Fanfic, the Dumb Sentence of the Week, and for the first time ever a consensus on the Boring Sentence of the Week!

Next week’s assignment: read up to chapter 19, page 250 in our editions.

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Episode 12 – The Hot Geek Girl Laughed at my Episode Title

Mike and Conor cover an absolutely thrilling stretch of Armada in this episode. Hold your breath because we’re about to discuss all of this: not one but TWO phone contact exchanging scenes, not one but TWO briefings in a large auditorium, and to cap it all off: an EULA acceptance scene!!!

We’ll also explore some of the unintentional comedy in the book, fail miserably in identifying fan fic or real, and shatter the world record for use of the word “Clineian”.

Your assignment for next week: read up to Chapter 16, page 205 in our version.

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Episode 11 – Insanely hot (but relateable) moms

In this episode we meet Zack’s insanely hot TV addicted gamer mom. Turns out the Hot but Relateable Mom trope isn’t just a Clineian invention, and Conor reveals where he’s seen it turn up recently.

Also, Mike was able to pull some strings and secure a scene from the movie version of Armada, a movie so secret, it hasn’t even been announced yet! Some of those actors sound familiar…

There’s more Star Wars than you can shake a rig at, but also inexplicably Vanilla Sky and The Edge of Tomorrow references, not to mention Dumb Sentences, Boring Sentences, and some incredibly creative fanfic submitted by listeners!

Your next assignment: Read up to chapter 12, page 148 in our edition. We’ll take next week off as Mike travels to London for two RiffTrax Live shows.

Episode 10 – What Have We Done?

In this first fifty pages of Armada, our hero sees a flying saucer, reads a giant list of movie release dates, and then goes to work. Somehow we talked about this sequence of events for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

We also get caught up on what Conor and Mike read in between Cline novels,  read about someone watching someone else play a video game, and learn the origin of this mysterious sword “Excalibur” that our  hero mentions.

Next week read up to the start of Phase Two,  that’s page 97 in our edition. Resist the urge to throw the book and keep the Dumb Sentences, Boring Sentences, and Fanfic coming!

Episode 9 – Season 2: Armada

We’re back with a new season!  Join us as we read Ernest Cline’s followup to RP1, Armada. We’re extremely excited to read what is widely regarded as Cline’s bad novel.

We’ll talk about our expectations, see if we can guess whether a critic was reviewing RP1 or Armada, and play a quick round of Real or Fanfic.

If you choose to read along, your first assignment is to read up to Chapter 4, that’s page 47 in our edition. Thanks for listening!

Episode 8 – 1980s Reference

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We’re done!!! After one last robot fight, video game speedrun, and  rote recitation of a popular “geek” movie, we’ve finally reached the titular 372nd page.

Tune in for the Dumb Sentence of the Book, one last Fan-Fic or Real, Great Moments in Villains with Tiny Robots, and some extremely creative listener emails. Nathan’s alternate ending skit is available here and Taylor’s song is available here.

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Thank you for joining us on this journey! We’ll maybe be back with another title, after we take in some creative work that is actually good.

Episode 7 – 1973 Was My Favorite Year in the 80s

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In this episode, Wade Watts faces the possibility of a lifetime of slavery! But then he gets out of it easily thanks to his hacking prowess, which he totally has had all along but forgot to mention.

We’ll talk the unceasing cultural relevance of the “hang in there baby” motivational poster, the concept of Performative Niceness, and revisit some of Wade and Aech’s most meaningful conversations, where they connected on a purely mental level in the most intimate way possible.

Your assignment for next week: finish the damn book!