Episode 2 – A List and a Lich

Update your Gunter Wiki, crapburgers, it’s time for a new episode! This week we calibrate our tastes with Mike’s, delve into the delightful parenthetical autistism of James Halliday, take a closer look at the infamous “List” that initially caught our attention, discuss the danger of taking the advice to “write what you know”, and crown our Dumbest Sentence of the Week!

This episode covers chapters 4 thru 8 of Ready Player One. For next time, read thru chapter 13, page 133 in our edition.

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Episode 1 – A Miniseries About a Housecoat

In this episode, we’ll learn how calibrated your tastes are with Conor’s, meet our Rubenesque main characters, discuss the book’s generously amorphous definition of 80s pop culture,  examine how hard it is to pull of convincing computer operating systems in entertainment, and wonder what possible role the undercurrent of atheism could possibly play in the book about Atari games.

This episode covers the introduction and first three chapters of Ready Player One. For next time, read thru Chapter 8, page 86 in our edition.

Want something good to read? Get Conor’s book, The Pole Vault Championship of the Entire Universe!

Episode 0 – A Book We’re Probably Going to Hate

Welcome to 372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back! This is a podcast book club where we are reading the bestselling novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. In this episode, Mike and Conor lay out their expectations, examine some of the critical praise for the book, and take a quiz to see which great works of literature they will not be reading at the expense of Ready Player One.

Your reading assignment before the next episode: the Introduction and Chapters 1-3 (this is 46 pages in our edition.)

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