Ep 149 – The Starlight Barking Ep 2 – Sleeping Devils

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We learn a lot of new things in this episode: mostly Mike is terrible at Real or Fanfic! Seriously, all sorts of new rules about physis and metaphysics are explained, but they all boil down to how terrible Mike is at Real or Fanfic. Who is causing “The Sleep”? Is Cruella actually a demon from Hell? Doesn’t matter, because Mike stinks at Real or Fanfic.

Also, Dumb Sentences of the Week. And Conor dives to the Dark Web.

OH, also, I’m bad at this, but Conor and Mike are heading to Nashville to do this show, which will prove to be fun and funny and fun! https://www.fathomevents.com/events/RiffTrax-Live-Rad

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