Bonus Ep! The Live Show Recording Worked!

The live show is now a PATREON EXCLUSIVE!

Recorded live at Sisyphus Brewing in Minneapolis on 9/18/19, it’s a very special 372 Pages Live!

Conor & Mike turn the tables on themselves, reading bad writing from Conor’s past. (Over two decades ago!) Mike either had no bad writing or it was somehow even worse than Conor’s, so he got Bridget to sub in for him. (Turns out Ernest Cline’s poetry is really bad and nobody wanted to inflict his poem “Cunning Linguistics” upon an unsuspecting audience. Don’t google it.)

Special thanks to Sisyphus for hosting, Eric for his AV talents, and for everyone who came out to see us in person! And as always, thanks to everyone who chips in on patreon to keep the show going!

This was a two part live show, if you’d like to hear the Like Trees Walking portion that preceded it, where Mike & Dave discuss the sub-Hallmark Channel movie “Christian Mingle”, you can download the whole evening from their feed here 

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