Ep 164 – Kaileb’s Dream – Ep 5 – Monchi

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We end it. The book, that is. Not the world itself. That’s up to the Demon Witches and Monchi. And the humans. And the mages. And Theo. And Jennifer. And Jasmine. And the girls. And the undead Egyptians. And the Nryphons. And the eagles. And the people of Telmar. And the Lords (you know, the ones we hold “the festival” for, even during the very darkest times of war?”) And the ever-present pork – look, we’re all happy this is over.

If you still want to read the book, it’s available here. (affiliate link)


Picture of the Columbus, OH White Horse Sallon (discovered by Marc)

Various decorative pillow pictures taken by Conor over the years

EDIT: Robert Byrd’s “War!” can be found at the 4:27 mark of this video

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