Ep 169 – Bridge to Bat City – Ep 5 – Bat Dance

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Our final episode of Ernest Cline’s Bridge to Bat City¬†and it may not surprise you learn that Cline wraps everything up in exactly the way you’d expect him to.

There’s a lot of Listener Mail, including some pretty good theories #cough harperlee cough trumancapote#, as well as a load of Dumb Sentences, and statistics on Mike’s Real or Fanfic.

But to start it all off, many people wrote in with some truly stunning news ripped right from today’s headlines. (I don’t think we’ve EVER had anything quite this on the nose before.)

NOTE: We had some minor audio issues (blame on some new gear in Mike’s rig.) so we’ll make it up to y’all with a Bonus tbd. Thanks.

Alejandro’s updated artwork

Bat researcher Merlin Tuttle crying

 Jonah’s statistics

 Opal’s “cameo” in Slacker

¬†Jacob’s list of kids books from 1927: https://372pages.com/kidsbooks.pdf

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