Episode 0 – A Book We’re Probably Going to Hate

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Welcome to 372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back! This is a podcast book club where we are reading the bestselling novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. In this episode, Mike and Conor lay out their expectations, examine some of the critical praise for the book, and take a quiz to see which great works of literature they will not be reading at the expense of Ready Player One.

Your reading assignment before the next episode: the Introduction and Chapters 1-3 (this is 46 pages in our edition.)

If you have any questions or ideas as you read along please send them our way! We’re on twitter and facebook, our personal twitters are @clastowka and @michaeljnelson or send us an email 372pages@gmail.com

4 Replies to “Episode 0 – A Book We’re Probably Going to Hate”

  1. Brave New World was one of the few books I was forced to read in school that I’m glad they forced me to read in school. Though it has some eerie parallels to the 21st century, far more than 1984 has, in my opinion.

  2. Ulysses is remarkable, and becomes a lot easier to read after the first 3 chapters, when it switches to Bloom instead of Dedalus. It’s both melancholy and incredibly funny, I wouldn’t suggest dismissing it quite so quickly.

  3. It seems odd that my name and email are required to comment, but a comment itself is not. Anyway, this seems like a fun podcast! Looking forward to the rest!

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