Episode 105 – Modelland Ep 5 – SHOCKING NEWS!

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Our longest episode yet – making it, clearly, our best.

We’ll check in on a loving father reading his beloved daughter a bed time story. Conor breaks out the Pocket Operators to recreate one of the BellaDonna’s songs. And a shocking admission from Mike and a HUGE announcement coming up! By coin toss Mike OR Conor will do the next reading SOLO!

Next Assignment: Read through chapter 40!

One Reply to “Episode 105 – Modelland Ep 5 – SHOCKING NEWS!”

  1. Hi gentlemen,

    Conor’s recalling the bad experience he had with his dentist in California, reminded me of my lousiest dentist experience. I had been in a car accident prior to this and had a couple injured ribs. We informed them of this because, as I’m sure you know, they need to know what medications, you are taking. I don’t know if you’ve ever i injured your ribs, but they generally give you pain meds so that you can breathe without much pain. So, the dentist, after doing some cleaning, put the dental tools on my chest to read a stereo equipment catalogue that his wife (also the receptionist) gave him. Now, it didn’t hurt too badly, at first, until he left it on for five minutes then it began to hurt. Still, I knew what the heck was going on, unlike, say, Modelland.

    Take care,
    Justin (Patreon supporter)

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