Episode #124 – Gump & Co Ep 5

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Sorry Mr. King, but Gump & Co comes to an end in this episode. Console yourself by interviewing Freedom Williams of C&C Music Factory. But not until you’ve listened to this episode, because there’s a ton going on!

Well, there’s mostly: A) oysters B) asses & shit C) escalating degrees of assin’ around. But there’s also a healthy does of real time word count padding in between beloved characters dying and or hitting their kids while speculating what type of underwear said kids are wearing. 

Here’s the updated document with Real or Fanfic Statistics, courtesy of Lucas. And here’s the trailer for the Indian Gump remake.

Thanks for taking the GUMPANY journey with us, we’ll be back soon with another book to read together. And stay tuned RIGHT HERE for an exciting announcement about our first LIVE SHOW in three years…

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