Episode 30 – Manifesto in Book Form

Well, we’ve found a new book to read together, and it certainly appears to be something special. More in the vein of “Eye of Argon”, this is one that was never going to hit the best seller list. But based on early scans it seems like it will be a lot of fun to dive into. Or maybe it’ll be like The Ring and we’ll all be dead in seven days! Who knows!

Looking forward to this new dive into a terrible book, please email your thoughts, reactions, fan-fic as soon as you get your hands on a copy!

One Reply to “Episode 30 – Manifesto in Book Form”

  1. I am the one responsible for suggesting this book.

    I started reading this because it looked like it might be a sort of humorous mystery novel and my wife is an accountant. It was free on Kindle Unlimited and I thought we might read it together for a laugh. It ended up being a horrifying hellscape of nonsense and completely disconnected thoughts. I couldn’t stop reading and laughing at this monstrosity with no plot, no grammatical coherence, and not even a basic sense of storytelling. I annoyed my wife with it and consulted with her on the “expert” author’s vision of forensic accountancy and, of course, she described to me how batshit crazy all this is and how it bares no similarity to the job this man is so proud to claim repeatedly that he ostensibly does for a living. Not only is he awful at writing, he doesn’t understand the basic concepts of forensic accounting.

    So, of course, I wanted to share this horror show with everyone. Glad that I could spread it to the widest audience I could possibly imagine.

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