Episode 32 – Ctrl-V, Repeat

Who is the Sheriff of 372 Pages?

Sorry, just trying out our new catchphrase. Nobody better be laughing!! We have an absolutely jam packed episode this week, because despite maybe 40% of this week’s assigned reading being the same block of typo-ridden copy/paste text, there was a lot to talk about. Potential suspects! Power couples doing cool things! Multiple cases of treason, perpetrated without a second thought!

There’s a lot of new characters introduced so make sure to have a copy of your 64-SQUARES org chart that our Patreon supporters chipped in to make (join the fun at patreon.com/372pages ) And if you find yourself in any biweekly meetings, take a look at this mock agenda that listener Travis made so you’ll know when to take your three breaks and which 40-50 action items you’re discussing.

For next time, finish the damn book!

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