Episode 39 – Broken Camera Blues

We are back after a week in Nashville! While we were there, we figured that we would take advantage of the opportunity to record face to face. So we recorded a dynamic, hilarious, touching video rattling off some potential Next Book candidates (it was well shot too.) Unfortunately, Mike had a checked bag mishap with his camera on the flight home (the airline killed it, thinking it was a service dog)

So we have reprised the chat over audio for folks to listen to! We’ll discuss six candidates for potential new books. Listen and let us know what you think!

Our Patreon supporters have been discussing these potential books all week! Join them and get every episode early for jut $5 a month: patreon.com/372pages

Links to the books we discussed, but without revealing titles:







One Reply to “Episode 39 – Broken Camera Blues”

  1. Antigua, Moon People, Save the Pearls. I haven’t thought about these classics in a long time. This is giving me LiveJournal flashbacks. I could not be more excited for whatever comes next.

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