Episode 46 – Bleriana’s Bucket

This is now an all Bleriana, all the time podcast. Our favorite unseen character, who may or may not still be a sex slave when this book ends in fifty pages, makes another appearance, as Alessia finally recounts the story of her evil Betrothed and her journey to England. Despite her saying “I love you” dozens of times and being DTF no matter what recent trauma has happened, Maxim remains uncertain of their relationship’s standing. We examine the possible causes of this idiocy. 

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We’ll also examine the relationship between Maxim and his headmates, pause for a brief ad for Jameson Irish Whiskey, and speculate on exactly what the hell Maxim was uploading to his Instagram from the airport. We’ll also speculate on the odds that certain events happen in the book’s final fifty pages.

For next time, there’s nothing left to do but finish the damn book!

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