Episode 68 – Still Tippin’ on 222s

Hey, there he is! The shadow has lifted from the moon, and from our souls, and MOON PEOPLE is the glorious result! There’s so much to discuss here, so pledge to yourselves and to God that you won’t tell anyone else about it and we’ll get started! There’s:

-DMC’s never before seen method of writing dialogue

-What is a 222?

-Differences between print and kindle version

-Hang on I’m going to eat a quick sandwich

-Which Daytona Red Lobster are they visiting?

-Does any of this math check out?

-Is astronomy a science?

Cathy Rigby???

Join us on Patreon! By supporting the podcast you can get every episode before everyone else, and get bonus stuff. This week supporters got Lauren’s entire 20 minute editorial breakdown of the DMC’s intro that provoked comments such as “Stop, stop, he’s already dead!” patreon.com/372pages

Plus we do some research and discover there actually WAS an editor on this book! And DMC recorded their conversations for posterity! Plus Emails, Dumb Sentences (hoo boy), and a very tricky Real or Fanfic!

For next time read thru chapter 13.

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