Episode 7 – 1973 Was My Favorite Year in the 80s

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In this episode, Wade Watts faces the possibility of a lifetime of slavery! But then he gets out of it easily thanks to his hacking prowess, which he totally has had all along but forgot to mention.

We’ll talk the unceasing cultural relevance of the “hang in there baby” motivational poster, the concept of Performative Niceness, and revisit some of Wade and Aech’s most meaningful conversations, where they connected on a purely mental level in the most intimate way possible.

Your assignment for next week: finish the damn book!

One Reply to “Episode 7 – 1973 Was My Favorite Year in the 80s”

  1. So, was getting caught part of his plan? If they pull his mask off, will he die?

    The movie of this book has the potential for a renaissance of baneposting.

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