Ep 72 – Bobby Digital in Stereo

Man, so much to talk about and so so much is talked about!!*

Highlights: A withered naked old woman struggles with a bedpan. The smell of urine is in the air. Are the two things connected? You’ll have to listen to find out.

All of our heroes (or are they heroes [SFX tension sting]?) chuckle a lot. Like, vastly more than even that friend-of-a-friend you insist your spouse never invite to lunch again because they chuckle too much and it creeps you out.

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The departments are here: Mike may or may not get destroyed in Real or Fanfic because of Conor’s underhanded chicanery. We’re stealing people’s mail and we have a lot of dumb sentences because Dan Brown who is dumb pens a bunch of dumb sentences.

*Seconds after ending this podcast Mike and Conor talked over microphones again for a RiffTrax meeting. True.

READING ASSIGNMENT FOR NEXT TIME: Through Chap 36. (It’s ok, there are a MILLION chapters.)

One Reply to “Ep 72 – Bobby Digital in Stereo”

  1. You were commenting on the guy taking an oath at the NSA, and did they really do that? I work at a federal policing agency in a different country (I won’t get any more specific than that), and I was required to swear an oath not to reveal anything I learn at work to outside people, and to uphold the laws of the land. I have no problem believing that an NSA employee would need to swear (and sign) an oath on being hired.

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