Episode 11 – Insanely hot (but relateable) moms

In this episode we meet Zack’s insanely hot TV addicted gamer mom. Turns out the Hot but Relateable Mom trope isn’t just a Clineian invention, and Conor reveals where he’s seen it turn up recently.

Also, Mike was able to pull some strings and secure a scene from the movie version of Armada, a movie so secret, it hasn’t even been announced yet! Some of those actors sound familiar…

There’s more Star Wars than you can shake a rig at, but also inexplicably Vanilla Sky and The Edge of Tomorrow references, not to mention Dumb Sentences, Boring Sentences, and some incredibly creative fanfic submitted by listeners!

Your next assignment: Read up to chapter 12, page 148 in our edition. We’ll take next week off as Mike travels to London for two RiffTrax Live shows.

4 Replies to “Episode 11 – Insanely hot (but relateable) moms”

  1. Zack’s sarcastically ungrateful attitude about how “lucky” he was to have hundreds of thousands of dollars set aside for a full college run makes him an even less likeable character than Wade Watts.

  2. With all the references to Star Wars, I decided to play digital Star Wars pinball machines on my Nintendo Switch while I was listening to this.

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