Episode 12 – The Hot Geek Girl Laughed at my Episode Title

Mike and Conor cover an absolutely thrilling stretch of Armada in this episode. Hold your breath because we’re about to discuss all of this: not one but TWO phone contact exchanging scenes, not one but TWO briefings in a large auditorium, and to cap it all off: an EULA acceptance scene!!!

We’ll also explore some of the unintentional comedy in the book, fail miserably in identifying fan fic or real, and shatter the world record for use of the word “Clineian”.

Your assignment for next week: read up to Chapter 16, page 205 in our version.

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4 Replies to “Episode 12 – The Hot Geek Girl Laughed at my Episode Title”

  1. On my Twitter account, I set my location as “The Lesser Chicagoland Area.”

    Anyway, I appreciate the amount of detail you share in these podcasts, because I can’t bring myself to keep reading. I’m already concerned as to what it must be doing to my library permanent record. (Which I’m sure must exist nowadays.)

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